10 signs you're with the right direct sales company

There are a LOT of direct sales companies out there. But how do you know you’re with the right one? Or, if you’re interested in joining one, if it’s going to be a good fit for you? Here’s what I’ve learned through my own experience as a direct sales professional:

10 Signs you are with the right direct sales company

1. You are happy and fulfilled

I think this is key. Yes, owning your own business can seem like a job and it does require hard work and dedication but at the end of the day, you should feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction, pride, joy and contentment.

All of those add up to feeling happy and fulfilled.

2. There is a sense of high integrity

Whether it’s your upline or the company you are with, you should get a sense of integrity … basically are they doing the right things? I’ve seen too many companies and too many leaders who feel the need to talk unkindly about other companies or leaders who feel the need to try to recruit from other companies.

No one ever comes out looking good after they’ve bashed another company and karma isn’t something to mess with! If you try to recruit from another company don’t be surprised if someone does that same thing to you and your team in the future.

3. You LOVE the product

Truly, this is an easy one. Most people choose to join a company because they love the product. This is super important but when you are checking out a company, look at all of these other factors … when you consider partnering with a company, you’ll want to know more about them.

4. You are being educated and trained

In so many companies, very little time is spent on training and education. They choose to spend all of their time on the sales aspect … which I agree is important. But, what if the training and education made the sales aspect become very natural?

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to truly educate people on your products and how to use them. The team you are on should provide business training and strategy as well.

5. You feel a sense of community

Speaking of teams, the team you join could have a massive impact on the business you build. Does your team feel like a family? Is there cross line support? Is everyone supportive and uplifting?

You want to feel an overall sense of community and family. Remember, you’ll be plugging your new team members into this community so having a positive, supportive and uplifting environment is important.

6. You have a fair income opportunity

So many people do not look over the compensation plans of the companies they are checking out. What kind of comp plan is it? Is it a Unilevel? Is it a Binary? What are the income averages at the top 6 ranks in the company? How long did it take to get to that income level? What percentage of people are at that level? What are the “Gotchas” of the plan? Do you lose your team if you don’t sell a certain amount? What happens if someone below you promotes higher than you?

There are SO many aspects to look at. ASK good questions.

7. Your company encourages Self Improvement

I can say that I rarely see this. This can also come from your team as well. So much of how well we do in this business has to do with our own mindset. Are you getting help improving your mindset? Are you being encouraged and stretched to learn new things about yourself?

Oftentimes it’s all about how much you sell and how fast you grow. That is great but YOU want to grow at the same time! Learning leadership skills, mindset skills and basic business skills are a few of the places you want to focus on.

8. Corporate Stability

This can be hard to tell sometimes. If the company isn’t public you may not be able to tell how financially stable they are. Very few companies are debt free, but if you find one that is a wonderful thing!

If the company you are looking into is part of a massive corporation, check to see how many direct sales companies that company owns. This type of business is a very different model from a regular corporation. A lot of decisions are made by people who have no idea what it takes to make a direct sales company successful.

9. Your company provides great customer service

How easy is it to return something? Do you feel confident sending your customers to the customer service representatives or do you feel the need to do it yourself because the customer service is sketchy? Do your customers come away feeling satisfied and heard when they have an experience with your customer service department? Are you easily able to get problems handled when you personally contact customer service?

These are all vital to building a thriving business.

10. Community Outreach or Humanitarian efforts

What kind of giving back does the company do? Do they encourage you to also give back? Do they offer opportunities to be a part of mission or service projects? A lot of people don’t think about this and to many it isn’t important or vital but so many people have a love for serving.

When you can share all the ways you serve or your company serves with a new prospect, it really goes a long way. Service is a beautiful part of life and when it can be a part of your business it goes right back to point #1 – you feel happy and fulfilled.

I hope this helps you find the perfect company for you. This should give you some good questions to ask when interviewing a company and hopefully most of this info will be available for you to research on the companies website. Many blessings as you search for the perfect company that brings you joy and leaves you feeling fulfilled.

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