10 ways to use doTERRA lavender essential oil

While essential oils aren’t exactly mainstream, most everyone’s heard of lavender. Just walk into any bath and body store and you’re instantly inundated with the aroma, which, of course, comes from lavender essential oil. Chances are, though, it’s synthetic (incidentally, if you’ve found that you’re allergic to lavender, it’s probably because you tried a synthetic oil!).

There are a lot of essential oils on the market, but I only recommend doTERRA for their potency and purity. Because of that, there are some unique ways you can use doTERRA lavender essential oil that you just can’t do with other oils.

Here are my top 10 uses for doTERRA lavender essential oil:

1. Restful sleep: Lavender is a calming essential oil and contains linalool and linalyl acetate, compounds that have well-known relaxing properties. Try running a diffuser with lavender essential oil in your bedroom, apply a drop to your pillow or rub a drop on your temples before bed.

2. Self expression: According to Emotions and Essential Oils (an excellent resource to have in your library), lavender is the oil of communication. Use it aromatically or topically when you feel like you need help expressing yourself.

3. Simple syrup: doTERRA essential oils are unique in that they can be used internally as well as aromatically and topically. And what better way than to cook with them? This simple syrup can be added to coffee or cocktails for a unique (and tasty) twist.

4. Focus: Having a hard time concentrating? Lavender essential oil can be used topically or aromatically to help you focus.

5. Bath salts: Want a great, practical way to use lavender oil to help you relax? Try these bath salts that combine lavender with cardamom essential oil. They smell incredible!

6. Scones: Here’s another great way to use lavender essential oil in the kitchen – scones! These lavender lemon scones are amazing, especially when you add doTERRA essential oils. Just omit the lavender buds and use 5 drops doTERRA lavender essential oil instead. Add 1 drop doTERRA lemon essential oil to the glaze.

7. Skin soothing: Lavender is incredibly soothing and can be applied to the skin for a number of concerns. Here are some recipes you can try for various issues:

8. Mood makeover: If you need a little pick-me-up that helps you feel calm at the same time, try applying a drop of lavender to your wrists, rubbing them together and then inhaling the aroma. You can do this in the morning and smell your wrists throughout the day.

9. Seasonal support: Help protect yourself from seasonal environmental threats by rubbing a drop of doTERRA’s lavender essential oil on the roof of your mouth before you head outside.

10. Muscle tension: Most people don’t think of it for muscles, but doTERRA’s lavender oil is great for relief of occasional muscle tension. Just massage a drop into the area with a little bit of a carrier oil.

How do you use doTERRA’s lavender essential oil?