Through my home-based essential oils business, I’ve been able to free my time, create my own schedule, and achieve a lifestyle I didn’t think possible. (That is, until I changed my mindset.)

Direct sales is an exciting opportunity for the right, motivated people. It can be an empowering way to start your own business, as you begin with a built-in network and support so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Unfortunately, not everyone experiences the same success and from what I’ve seen, many of those failures could have been avoided by taking the right steps at the beginning.

Here are 5 pro tips for success when starting a direct sales business.

1. Choose the right opportunity

Not every product or company will resonate with you. Choose which business you’d like to invest in wisely. Make sure you are in complete alignment with the product, company, and brand values.

This can involve a lot of research and a lot of check-ins with your gut. Does the opportunity excite you, or do you feel tense?

Some other things to consider before making a decision is the compensation plan, support system, timing, and the product itself.

Is this a product that customers could potentially buy into continuously, and if so, what is the shelf life of the product from first purchase to when they would most likely reorder?

Try to choose products that will have high customer retainment, and frequent reorders in shorter amounts of time. Look for companies that offer rewards for purchasing each month.

Research the compensation plan and team you will be joining. What support systems do they have in place? You’ll want to know how comprehensive the training is, so you won’t feel like you’re left on your own, without any clue on how to get started. Researching the team you join is often overlooked but so very important in the long run. You want to be part of a supportive and caring team.

2. Create a plan of action

A good direct sales team will help you create a plan of action, and set your goals and intentions. Why do you want to start a direct sales business? Do you want help getting out of debt? How much time do you want to dedicate to working on your business each week?

A direct sales team can help you devise a plan to work on your debt, set a date on when you want to reach your goal, and work backwards to achieve it by creating step-by-step achievable actions.

3. Schedule appointments

There is nothing passive about direct sales. You must be comfortable approaching people and talking about your product or sales opportunity at any time, formally or informally. If your product allows you to “care and share” that is the best scenario. Caring about others and offering what you have from a heart centered approach will always feel better and be more natural.

You also must be comfortable asking for appointments and scheduling time to connect. (Don’t worry – if you’re shy, this gets much easier and even fun over time). Getting appointments will give you a higher chance of success, so make sure you’re scheduling and following up.

4. Internet marketing

Utilize the power of internet and content marketing to your advantage. Blog, create webinars, put up sales pages and start an email list, gather testimonials, and share your personal experiences, and stories.

Give people value.

You have to become intimately familiar with your product, and brand. You are the walking spokesperson so be prepared to create a lifestyle around your products if you haven’t already.

Tip: The right opportunity won’t be much of a lifestyle stretch already. As a knowledgeable expert, and authority, you will be leading by example. Be the best enthusiast to attract the best fans. Your excitement and passion will draw the right people to you.

5. Be consistent

Do at least one thing each day to move your business forward. Keep creating new contacts, and talking to potential new customers or team members. Be committed to your business success. Consistency is key! It’s the difference between gaining momentum or sputtering out.

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