Raise your hand if you like sunburns.


I’m not surprised. Sunburns HURT, not to mention increase your chance of developing skin cancer.

That’s why, as soon as it’s warm enough to head outside with bare shoulders it’s a good idea to take extra precautions to avoid burns with things like hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. (And even if you’re outside for extended periods of time – ears and noses are great at getting unexpected sunburns.)

If you’re an essential oil fanatic user (or are just getting interested in them), I wanted to make sure you’re aware of another way to protect your skin from unwanted burns, in addition to traditional measures.

Some oils, particularly citrus oils, increase photosensitivity due to their chemical constituents. That means, if they are on your skin while you’re exposed to the sun, they increase your risk of being sunburned.

They make your skin much more sensitive.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t use any of those oils in the summer time, it just means you’ll have to be careful. (Please note, these tips also apply when you are using a tanning bed.)

So how can you use photosensitive oils safely while you’re out in the sun?

  1. Avoid applying them topically before direct sun exposure (or tanning booth)
  2. Wait at least 12 hours before heading out in the sun
  3. Diffuse them aromatically
  4. Apply to shirt collar or sleeve or diffuser jewelry
  5. Apply the night before mixed with a moisturizer

Simple, right?

You can check out which single oils and blends cause photosensitivity by visiting this doTERRA’s web page, so you know for sure which oils these are.

Enjoy your time in the sun!