When I started using doTERRA essential oils, I realized just how useful they were going to be around my home. Not long after that, I knew I would want to have them available when I left the house as well.

Thankfully, there are a lot of travel pouches available for essential oils, (including the wonderful keychain pouch doTERRA makes) so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Today I wanted to share my favorite oils to never leave home without because they come in handy in so many situations:

Lavender: Sometimes when I’m shopping I’ll brush something that irritates my skin and lavender is quick to soothe it. I also love to smell lavender if I’m heading home after a night out and want the transition to bedtime to be easier when I get home.

DigestZen: This oil is perfect for those times you go out to dinner and have a meal that tastes so great that you just want to keep on eating. And then you do and get an upset stomach. Rub a drop of DigestZen into your belly for digestive support.

Balance: If you ever feel stressed in public, you need some Balance. Whether you are sensitive to other peoples’ energy or just don’t like crowds, this oil will feel very soothing. Rub a drop into your wrists and gently waft the aroma toward your nose.

Lemon: When I’m out, I use lemon most in my water at restaurants. It gives it a nice flavor while gently cleansing the body. It’s also great if I get something sticky on my hands – just put on a drop and it wipes right off.

Peppermint: I like to use this in my water as well, but usually for occasional stomach upset or for an energy boost if I’m lagging but don’t want to have caffeine. I also like to dab a tiny bit on my tongue for a breath freshener.

On Guard: This is an absolute must to have at all times. On Guard is a wonderful immune system booster and when you’re out and about, you want all the boosting you can get. I’ll rub a drop into my hands and cup them over my face and inhale a few times if I’ve been somewhere that’s pretty crowded.

Breathe: This blend was designed to maintain clear airways and breathing and it does a great job of supporting overall respiratory health. I love it for those seasonal threats that might otherwise leave me feeling stuffy. It’s also great to apply a drop post workout if there was a lot of cardio.

Frankincense: This is the king of oils. It promotes feelings of peace, relaxation and overall wellness. Frankincense also soothes the skin and can be great to layer on with lavender. It also boosts the immune system. I suggest rubbing a drop into the back of your neck when you leave the house.

What essential oils are a must to have with you when you leave the house?