Hi, I’m Lori Hayes, trainer, mom of two adult children, wife to my high school sweetheart, and essential oils advocate.

Since 2003, I have been a top direct sales expert and educator, working with women around the world to create businesses that help them and their families thrive. The thing was, my life didn’t always look like this.

Maybe my story sounds familiar to you …

I was raised in a traditional household that wasn’t focused on wellness. We really didn’t pay much attention to our health until something came up that needed to be fixed. Well, something major came up and both my parents found out they had cancer. It was devastating. After watching my parents fight and suffer, only to pass away at the all-too-young age of 65, I was heartbroken over the loss – and I didn’t want my kids to go through the same thing.

It was an eye-opening moment for me. I knew then that there were some changes we needed to make – wiser decisions that would support a healthier way of life. I was ready to make wellness a priority, and if I could, I wanted to do it naturally.

That was when I discovered the incredible power of essential oils. Soon, my family had replaced all of the old, toxic chemicals in our home with these wonderful, all-natural oils. From our healthcare to our cleaning products, our household has transformed to a place of year-round wellness because we invest in natural solutions for healthy living. In the last several years I’ve become an essential oil expert and a successful business coach.

My story is one of thousands like it. If you haven’t experienced the power of essential oils yet, your life is about to change in an amazing way. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can use essential oils to improve your family’s health and well-being, you’re in the right place.

And guess what? It gets even better.

You can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to use essential oils – AND you can make a great income, too.

My passion is working with women who are ready to let go of what’s not working and embrace what does. That’s why I love what I do – and I’d love to show you how you can create a side income or even replace your day job!

And I don’t mean to brag, but not only have I done it, but I’ve been training women just like you and helping them start businesses that serve them from the inside out for the past 16 years.

In my last direct sales position, I earned every perk and trip available (23 trips total!), and with doTerra, it only took me 15 months to reach Diamond level (which earns a 6 figure income). Sound like the kind of growth you’d like to have in your business? Great – because I am searching for women just like you.

Why? I think you can achieve the kind of success I have with the right training and education. Together, we can strategically take you from where you are right now with your business to a place of incredible growth, but I have to warn you …

The kind of women I work with are powerful, and they are ready to start manifesting the life they have always dreamed of living. They are passionate, committed, and ready to put aside the false beliefs they’ve carried that may have previously held them back. The women I work with are visionaries.


Contact me, and I’ll be in touch soon.