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Today I want to talk about something that’s really prevalent right now. A lot of people are sending their kids off to college and dealing with the sadness around that.

This is true whether it’s the 1st time or the 3rd or 4th or 5th time.

My son graduated from college last year, so I don’t have to send him off anymore, but it’s my daughter’s senior year and it still makes me sad to send her off to school.

If you’re feeling this way, just know that the emotions you’re feeling, number one, are normal. Number two, it’s important to go through them and feel them.

In the same breath, it’s also important not to stay there for a really long time.

If you stay in that space of sadness for a really long time, after a while you find yourself dealing with depression and anxiety.

Anxiety comes into play more as you’re preparing to send them off and imagining the future without them and feeling fearful. Anxiety is where you’re living in the future.

You have to have faith that this is part of life, that you did a good job raising them and that they’re going to be okay.

Depression, though, is a little different. It’s okay to have those sad feelings and feel them, but you need to move through them.

You have a choice about how long you stay in that place.

When it becomes a daily habit, you will be depressed. Depression is where you’re living more in the past. It happens when you think things like, “I wish my son was still 3.” Or, “I wish they were still in elementary school”.

But you need to make a choice to move past it.

I have two recipes to share with you today that can help. There are three oils involved. Every oil has a physical property, but they have emotional properties as well.

Citrus Bliss

Substitute wild orange if you don’t have Citrus Bliss, however this oil is very uplifting and motivating. It helps encourage play and spontaneity and joy. It helps remove the feelings of feeling lost and helps us feel inspired to move forward.


A lot of people might not expect this oil. It has many great physical properties, but it’s wonderful for emotional support as well. Rosemary is the oil of transition. It helps open your mind to new perspectives, which is perfect with the new situation that you’re transitioning to. It supports feeling confident during this time of change.


Mostly used for physical things, but Breathe is also great for emotions. It allows you breathe and release the suffocation of sadness. Breathe opens airways to breathe in life and release the sadness.

Imagine you have junk in your trunk and when you release these emotions or feelings, imagine them being taken out of your trunk. Your trunk is full but as you release the emotions, stuff gets taken out. Now that the space is open, it makes room for new things and new perspective.

This can be a really beautiful time in your life if you embrace this change.

We’ll talk about the stress on your kids later, but their stress is so much higher if they’re worrying about their parents at home stressing out over them. They really dislike feeling responsible for their parents’ sadness.

This is a great time to see who you are outside of your kids. You have a lot to live for and it’s so good to see that.

Here are the recipes:


  • 3 drops Citrus Bliss
  • 1 drop Rosemary
  • 2 drops Breathe

Roller bottle (10 ml size)

  • 15 drops Citrus Bliss
  • 6 drops Rosemary
  • 10 drops Breathe

Fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Apply over this blend over your heart, shoulders, and/or inside of your wrists.

Be sure to breathe in this combination, whether diffusing or in that roller bottle, whenever you use it.

Watch how you’re open to new ideas and adventures. Use it to help release the sadness and bring joy, fun, and playfulness into your life, as well as a new normal that serves yourself and your kids well.


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