It’s no secret that I love essential oils, and for good reason.
They’re safe, potent and effective.
I use them daily to enhance wellness, boost energy and create a happier, healthier home.
And Now You Can Too!

Today more than ever it’s important to have simple solutions that give you confidence and peace of mind. Are you ready for:

  • More control over your health
  • Feeling empowered instead of feeling completely lost

This is the right place for you! My community is powerful, and I am excited for you to come in and be a part it!

There is so much power in helping ourselves and our loved ones heal right at home. With solutions that are safe, healthy and extremely affordable.

And don’t forget about the many other resources I’ll provide!

If you are ready for big positive changes in your life – go ahead and choose the perfect kit below. Once you’ve joined, watch for an invitation to become a part of our incredibly supportive VIP online community.


“I have been using doTERRA essential oils and their products for the last five years. Lori Hayes introduced me to doTERRA and has been my Wellness Advocate and support with the oils for the entire time. She has become a very dear friend of mine too. I am a firm believer in the grade, quality and efficacy of their EO’s and products. As a retired ICU nurse, I am an encourager to live one’s life as holistically and naturally as possible and doTERRA allows me this opportunity to do just that daily through use of their plant based and natural products. I am currently attempting to decrease my toxic load through the use of their cleaning products and their EO’s. I use their EO’s nightly for my insomnia. I take an On Guard capsule every morning. I use the EO’s when I meditate, before yoga, exercise and anytime I need to center and balance my mind and myself. I always travel with my oils and have my favorite oils at the ready. I can’t say enough about doTERRA and their product line! It has become a daily habit and staple in my life. I absolutely love doTERRA and will never spend a day without it!” Mary Tenhet

“I have known Lori for many years now and she is always ready and willing to help with whatever I need. doTERRA oils are amazing yet also overwhelming with all the information so I call Lori for EVERYTHING! She is a wealth of knowledge on how they should be used. Lori is never too busy to get back to me and takes all the time I need so she can adequately explain all the uses for different doTERRA products. Her social media gives lots of good information on a daily basis. Lori loves what she does, and it definitely shows!”
Paige Fant

How to get essential oils from doTERRA

Most people buy their essential oils by becoming a Wholesale Member. Creating a wholesale account with doTERRA is the smartest way to buy oils. Doing so allows you to get the highest discount (especially when you get a starter kit) and earn free products.

There are two ways to purchase your essential oils from doTERRA. The first is retail and I don’t recommend buying retail because there are no cost savings. However, if you see yourself only buying a bottle of lemon essential oil in the next year, this may be your best option.

Know which way works best for you? Contact me to get started.


  • 0% discount
  • No monthly order required
  • No membership required
  • No obligation to purchase or sell


  • 25% discount on all orders, with a bigger discount on your starter kit
  • No monthly order required
  • No obligation to purchase or sell
  • Ability to earn bonuses and commissions for sharing oils
  • $35 membership fee for the first year, kind of like Costco (waived with a starter kit)
  • Free 15 ml bottle of peppermint essential oil with renewal
  • Business Builder Bootcamp that teaches you everything you need to know if you choose to build a business
  • Regular training and support
  • Access to my private team Facebook group

Which kit should I start with?

Well, that depends on your needs and budget, but rest assured, there’s a kit for everyone. These are my favorites:

Don’t want to wait to build up your oil collection? You don’t have to. The Every Oil Kit is just that – every single essential oil doTERRA offers. Try them all with this kit and store them in the canvas doTERRA case that’s included. This way you’ll always be prepared and have what you need on hand. Plus, you’ll get the Lumo diffuser, one of doTERRA’s best.

And when you get the Every Oil Kit, you’re automatically eligible to jump ahead and earn 20% back in free product credits on the Loyalty Rewards Program (no waiting on that, either!).

Price: $1950
Savings: $650 below retail
200 free product credits

Every Oil Kit bonuses from Lori :

  • The Essential Life – my favorite essential oil handbook
  • Roller bottle kit
  • Access to our private oil support group
  • Business builder boot camp training

I want this kit

This is by far the most popular kit – it has a little bit of everything for the person looking to make the switch to natural solutions for every aspect of their wellness needs.

The Natural Solutions Kit comes with a variety of multipurpose oils, including doTERRA’s top 10 starter essential oils. It also comes with our Lifelong Vitality Pack – an amazing supplement trio that’s actually doTERRA’s #1 product (the 30-day money back guarantee is also great). Plus, the kit includes the doTERRA Lumo diffuser that can run up to 8 hours, as well as several more wellness products. You’ll also start off earning 15% in free product credits on the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Price: $550
Savings: $183 below retail
100 FREE product credits

Natural Solutions Kit bonuses from Lori :

  • The Essential Life – my favorite essential oil handbook
  • Roller bottle kit
  • Access to our private oil support group
  • Business builder boot camp training

I want this kit

The Home Essentials Kit is the perfect choice if you want to sample the most versatile essential oils available. This kit comes with doTERRA’s top 10 starter oils in 15 ml bottles (except for Deep Blue – it only comes as a 5 ml). You also get the Petal diffuser, a great diffuser that allows you to diffuse oils in your home for several hours at a time. You’ll love this kit.

Price: $275
Savings: $91 below retail

Home Essentials Kit bonuses from Lori :

  • Access to our private oil support group
  • Business builder boot camp training

I want this kit

Ready to get started? Click here to contact me.


What are the options as a Wellness Advocate?

The great thing about becoming a Wellness Advocate is you have a few different options. doTERRA is unlike most other companies out there because they don’t have any additional requirements for their wholesale members other than purchasing a membership or a starter kit. However, many choose to purchase monthly with doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program because they earn free products.

There are usually 3 types of Wellness Advocates:

If you are ready to get started in any of these areas, I would love to speak with you? Contact me.