Essential oils for your morning routine

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, chances are these essential oils would make a great addition to your morning routine to help you feel more refreshed and ready to face the day.

How to incorporate essential oils into your morning routine

Before we jump into which oils to use, I want to quickly cover how to use them. I want to make this as simple as possible!


Try diffusing the oil in the same room that you do your morning devotions in. Or, diffuse it in the bathroom while you get ready. Or in the kitchen while you make breakfast.

Using oils aromatically is as simple as putting them in your essential oil diffuser or even taking the cap off the bottle and wafting the aroma toward your nose.


One of my favorite place to apply oils is on my wrists, over the pulse points. Applying oils here makes it easy for you to get the benefits of applying them topically.

You also get them aromatically when your hands are near your face – when you brush your hair out of your eyes, stretch your arms overhead, etc.


I love and recommend doTERRA essential oils because they’re so safe and effective. Because they’re 100% pure, you can also use them internally (not the case with other brands).

Try adding a drop of essential oil to your morning glass of water or make “tea” by adding a drop to a hot cup of water.

Here are my 9 favorite essential oils for your morning routine

Frankincense: The King of Oils, use frankincense daily to feel calm and spiritually connected. Apply one drop to your wrists or forehead.

Basil: Basil assists with overwhelm, fatigue and low energy. Dilute and apply to the wrists or add to your diffuser.

Peppermint: Simply inhale some peppermint essential oil in the morning for a nice boost of energy. The aroma of peppermint is energizing and inhaling it when you wake up will help you get your day off to a great start. Add some peppermint to your essential oil diffuser or take the cap off the bottle and waft the aroma toward your nose a few times.

Lemon: Lemon essential oil is great for lifting the mood and gently cleansing the body. Try putting some in your diffuser in the morning or adding a drop to a glass of water.

Lavender: Lavender is calming, relaxing and soothing. It’s also the oil of communication. Rub a drop over your heart or throat before starting the day.

Melaleuca: The oil of energetic boundaries. Apply a drop to your forehead or top of the head before leaving the house.

Wild orange: Wild orange is the oil of abundance and helps with a variety of emotional issues. I apply it to my wrists or put it in my diffuser to foster creativity and lift my mood. You can also add a drop to your morning glass of water to help cleanse your body.

On Guard: The protective blend is an excellent oil to use in the morning to provide extra support to your immune system. Try diffusing it, applying a drop to your wrists or enjoying a drop in a hot cup of water for a morning tea.

Cardamom: Cardamom helps to bring balance, mental clarity and objectivity during moments of extreme anger and frustration. Dilute and apply to wrists so you can smell its delightful aroma all day.

You can also try this super easy DIY Happy Morning Diffuser blend.

Which peppermint essential oil brand should you use?

Now, I only recommend using doTERRA essential oils because they’ve been certified 100% pure. These essential oils are free of any harmful chemicals or contaminants, which makes it safe for you to use.

This is especially important because essential oils are super concentrated and potent, which means you don’t want to use anything that has unknown additives.

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What does your morning routine look like?