How to get started with your new home based business

So, you’ve decided to become a consultant for a direct sales company and now you are wondering … What do I do next? How do I get the word out?

Good question. It’s often so overwhelming in the beginning that we just become afraid and stop. We come up with every excuse in the book to not move forward.

You know those excuses, right? How about, I don’t know enough. I’m afraid that my friends won’t like it. I’m afraid my friends will think I’m trying to sell them something. I don’t know enough. :)

First things first. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! Set your mind to DOING IT! There was something inside of you that made you sign up. Write that down. Write it with a dry erase marker on your mirror in the bathroom.

It’s that reason that will move you forward. Was it to make a car payment each month? Maybe you want to take a wonderful family vacation next year. How about paying cash for Christmas? How about just getting out and being with adults?

We all have our own reasons for diving into something like this. Problem is … so many people stop before they start!

Don’t let fear get the best of you. If you look at successful business people, what do they have in common? I will tell you one of the things they have in common. They don’t let negativity get to them.

If we all listened to every single person who didn’t like our product and thought at the same time, “They must not like me either!”, there would be NO one in business any longer! Not everyone is going to love what you do. Not everyone will understand it. Not everyone will be willing to even learn about it.

You know what? It’s OK! Don’t hang your hat on what everyone else thinks. You’ll never succeed that way.

So, how do you plan to get the word out? Talking about it is one of the best ways. If you have a product that you can bring with you, bring it. If you have catalogs that you can bring with you, do it! If someone isn’t interested, don’t get your feelings hurt, just move on.

How about social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Why not put it out there? My rule for Facebook is if you post your new business on your personal FB page, keep your page 80% personal and 20% business. No one wants to see you trying to sell product all day every day.

Share, don’t sell. You are probably asking “What is the difference?”. I typically share things that I feel like are great deals or things I know my friends would like to use. Maybe it’s something that I’ve used and love. I’m sharing my thoughts and experience. I’m not just selling a product.

When people know your posts are from the heart, they don’t mind!

If you post about your business once on Facebook and then never post again, guess what people are going to think? They are going to think you quit! Stay consistent!

I hope this helps you feel better about sharing. You need to have thick skin and don’t get your feelings hurt when someone ignores you or tells you they aren’t interested. There’s a WHOLE world out there!

You just have to remain consistent and put yourself out there. Open yourself up and TALK about your business! You’ll be amazed at the blessings you’ll receive!

Please share how you handle rejection in the beginning of your home based business. It’s hard but you have to keep your eye on your goals and dreams. You can do it!


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