Sponsoring at Parties – Why and How

If you are in a direct sales company, you know that sponsoring at parties is super important! It’s how you GROW!

WHY is sponsoring at parties so important for your business?

  • It’s a great place for them to see you do your job.
  • They can see the products that your company offers.
  • They can see sales aides such as your catalogs, order forms and brochures.
  • They see customer enthusiasm!

When you are sponsoring at parties you are NOT selling what your company offers. You are SHARING your company and all it has to offer. Sharing is more about building relationships. It’s your job to share and it’s their job to make the choice.

Before we talk about how to create interest, who is your #1 prospect? Your HOST! You already know she loves the product and her friends are coming to support her. Be sure to talk to your host.

When I gave out any host packs, I always included an Opportunity Brochure and I went over it with them. Oftentimes our hosts and customers don’t realize that you make money doing your job!

Share how much you make at an average party. I had several people say to me “Wow, I thought you got paid in product!” LOTS don’t realize you can make good money doing what you do!

ASK HER: Have you ever thought about doing what I do?

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Even the most unsuspecting people have thought about it. I’ll be talking about pre-judging soon as well! :)

Now that you’ve talked to your host, let’s talk about creating interest at your party. Make your parties simple and fun! It should be a party that ANYONE can do.

If you’ve been with your company for many years and you’ve perfected your presentation, think about using note cards for your outline and script. I know, it makes it look like you need it. But guess what? A NEW consultant WILL need those note cards!

It makes your party look EASY to do! Always think in terms of NEW consultants.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, you don’t want to get to your hosts home too early and you don’t want to make 10 trips to your car. Your host is watching you! It needs to be EASY!

Connect with each guest as they arrive. Mingle and talk to people. The easiest way to start a conversation is to ASK A QUESTION. Everyone loves to talk about themselves! How about “Do you live in the neighborhood?” or “How do you know Karen (the host)?” Anything to get them talking.

People are more comfortable doing business with someone they know. Get to know them by letting them talk about themselves, NOT you talking about yourself! Be OTHERS centered.

Be sure to sprinkle seeds throughout your presentation. Even simple things like “I received this item in my Starter Kit!” is a great seed. Also TELL YOUR STORY! WHY did you start your business? What is it doing for you? What do you hope it does for you?

If you feel more comfortable sharing another person’s story if you are new, then do that! Maybe share that you want to earn a trip like your friend Mary just did! If you’ve been on company trips or trainings, bring pics of you having fun at those events.

People WANT to have fun and if they see you have fun, they may want to join you!

After you’ve planted your seeds throughout your presentation, it’s time for checkout. ASK EVERYONE to join you. I always like to ask “Have you ever thought about doing what I do?” or “Have you ever thought about doing something like this?”

I was in a seminar with Belinda Ellsworth years ago. She said something that changed me. It was pertaining to asking your customers to book a party, but it fits with this as well.

If you ask everyone you are comfortable asking and then skip over someone who you may think your business wouldn’t fit, are you hurting her feelings? She may have watched you ask the 3 people who checked out before her. Why didn’t you ask her?

ASK everyone! I’ll be talking about how your beliefs make a HUGE difference in how well you sponsor. Be watching for that to come soon!

Be sure to take advantage of my report Top 5 Ways to Succeed in Direct Sales! Post those somewhere to remind you what you should be doing.

Happy Sponsoring! I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments! Please share below.