Stop ear discomfort quickly with essential oils

I can’t even explain to you how valuable this information would have been to me when my children were younger. My daughter dealt with ear discomfort so much growing up!

I’ve now been introduced to essential oils. They are a gift from God. I know that sounds extreme but God created all of these plants for a reason, it’s just very cool to be using them to support healthy healing!

How do you get rid of ear discomfort quickly with essential oils?

  1. Finger swipe Basil Essential Oil in the child’s ear but don’t use enough to let it drip. (Get a drop on your finger and hold your finger over the top of your bottle to let any excess drip off.) Be sure to use only 100% pure oils for this (The brand I recommend are 100% pure). Most other Basil oils are skin irritants.
  2. Then, put some Melaleuca on a cotton ball. Just 1-2 drops will do. Place the cotton ball in the ear and put them to bed. The discomfort could be gone by morning.

Keep watching my blog on ways to use essential oils for the most basic of things. Your children will be so happy you did! When you can soothe a boo-boo and the oil calms them down at the same time, it’s a GOOD thing! (It’s lavender oil I’m referring to!)

I hope you found it helpful to learn how to stop ear discomfort easily. :)

Want to purchase these oils and learn about the brand I recommend?  CONTACT ME.

Have a blessed day!


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