*This post was created from a video I did on my Facebook page. You can watch the video here, too, if you’d like.

Summer time is getting close! That means the weather is getting warmer and it’s finally time to transition to shorts.

Today I wanted to share a quick tip that will help you get your legs summer ready FAST. This is something I wish I’d done all winter long for those pesky varicose veins.

Thankfully, you don’t need months of application for this to work (however, if you can make it a daily thing all year long, you will definitely see results).

This is a really simple thing you can do every day to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins and even make them feel a little more comfortable.

What to do

First, you’ll need some coconut oil (or unscented lotion – I love doTERRA’s) and a bottle of doTERRA Cypress essential oil.

Scoop about a teaspoon of coconut oil into your hands and then drop 2-3 drops of cypress essential oil on top of that. Rub it all together on your hands and then rub it all over your legs. Easy!

This is so moisturizing and good for your skin. It will get your skin in tip-top shape so you can get out there in your shorts or skirts or bathing suits.

Cypress oil is really refreshing and your legs feel so good after you do this. It also smells good!

If you do this over time you will reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

Pro tip: If there are more concentrated areas, go through afterward and rub a drop of Cypress into those spots. Your skin is already protected by the coconut oil so you don’t need to worry about diluting.

It’s easy to forget once pants season hits, but this is something you can do year-round to really help with those varicose veins.

To make it easier, keep the coconut oil and cypress in the bathroom and after you take a shower, take a minute to hydrate your legs and use a little cypress oil at the same time.

They will feel so good, smell so good, AND look so good.