10 reasons to do a doTERRA cleanse

The new year is a great time to start afresh, so why not kick it off with a cleanse?

When you do a cleanse, you help your body rid itself of toxins that get stored up in fat and tissues – a byproduct of exposure to the world around us. Doing a cleanse has many benefits for your health, both long- and short-term.

Top 10 reasons to do a cleanse

1. Detoxify your body

We’re constantly exposed to toxins that are harmful to our bodies – they affect everything! A cleanse helps flush them from our systems by helping our detoxifying organs work more efficiently.

2. Increase energy

Energy levels drop as toxin levels rise in the body. Important nutrients don’t get absorbed properly and the body gets too bogged down trying to keep up, resulting in fatigue. By doing a cleanse and removing those impurities, you can help your body work more efficiently and feel less sluggish.

3. Improve sleeping patterns

If you have trouble sleeping, a cleanse may help. Certain toxins and substances, like alcohol, disrupt sleep patterns. Doing a cleanse to remove those toxins can help regulate your sleep cycles so you sleep better.

4. Reduce brain fog

Brain fog is a sign of inflammation, caused by an overload of toxins in the body. Doing a cleanse helps reduce the inflammation and return the body to a happier state.

5. Reduce cravings

Although it can be difficult at first, a cleanse can help you get control of your cravings. Many report that once they’ve been able to get through the first few days of a cleanse, cravings subside and don’t return.

6. Improve skin issues

A lot of skin problems actually originate in the gut, which is extremely susceptible to damage caused by different toxins. It’s not uncommon to start a cleanse for, say, better sleep, and also notice clearer skin as a result of flushing toxins and improving the digestive system.

7. Improve mood

Cleansing has a huge effect on the mood and is a great way to detox your body and your emotions. Some of the common side effects of cleansing include having more energy and mental clarity and feeling relaxed and revitalized.

8. Strengthen immune system

Our immune systems are very powerful, but when they’re in a constant battle against a steady stream of toxins, they tend to weaken over time. Reducing your toxic load with a cleanse can help your immune system get back to its strong, healthy state.

9. Improve digestive system

When your digestive system is bogged down with toxins, the body requires far more energy for digestion (a common cause of fatigue).  Removing those toxins with a cleanse improves digestion and helps you feel more energetic.

10. Increase metabolism

That same toxic load that’s slowing down your digestive system, messing with your sleep and overtaxing your immune system? You guessed it. It’s also wreaking havoc on your metabolism. A cleanse is a simple way to give your metabolism the reboot it needs.

By now you can see just how important a cleanse can be to full-body health.

Ready to start a cleanse? Contact me for more information about how to cleanse in a safe, effective way.

Top 10 reasons to do a doTERRA cleanse