As you know, my husband and I moved to a beautiful condo in Midtown Atlanta last year. Thanks to this move, we’ve been able to have all kinds of wonderful experiences. One of those has been connecting with other people who live in our building.

A short time after our move, I met one of our neighbors and soon found out that he and his lovely wife have an app for meditation.

Now, I’d heard about meditation a lot before but had never given it a try.

Thankfully, he shared his meditation app, Welzen, with me and I gave it a try. I can tell you that it truly is an amazing tool for your emotional health.

There have been a lot of studies on meditation and the benefits are numerous. Meditation has been found to help with:

  • Reducing stress
  • Improving concentration
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Increasing happiness
  • Slowing aging

There are many more benefits, but these stuck out to me the most.

Of course, I immediately wondered what it would be like to use essential oils with meditation. I started using them in my practice and they definitely enhance the effects of meditation.

Today I wanted to share my top essential oils for meditation so you can try them out yourself. I got a lot of the suggestions from the Emotions and Essential Oils book. I highly recommend getting this resource as well.

And be sure to check out Welzen’s free meditation app. It’s such a great tool!

Now, you can apply these oils to your wrists or bottoms of the feet before you meditate or simply diffuse them while you meditate.

Top essential oils for meditation

  • Frankincense: The oil of truth is wonderful for spiritual connection and for feeling more safe and protected.
  • Lavender: This is a great oil to use if you’re meditating before bed as it is very calming. Lavender is also known as the oil of communication and is great to use when you fear rejection.
  • Cardamom: The oil of objectivity aids people who feel frustrated with others so they can better handle intense emotions.
  • Wild Orange: This oil inspires abundance, creativity and positive mood.
  • Cilantro: The oil of releasing control facilitates emotional cleansing and encourages release of worry and control.
  • Basil: The oil of renewal is useful when you are feeling weary, overwhelmed or exhausted and need more energy.
  • Balance: This doTERRA blend is known as the oil of grounding and is one of my favorite oils to use for meditation. It’s especially helpful when you’re feeling scattered or stressed.

How do you know which oil to use?

I choose based on how I’m feeling or how I want to feel. If I’m going to get some work done after I meditate, I like to use wild orange because it’s great for creativity.

If I’m having trouble with frustration, I’ll choose cardamom.

And if I’m ever in doubt, I use frankincense. It’s known as the King of Oils for a reason.

Do you meditate? Have you tried essential oils with meditation?