Many people walk around each day with false beliefs that hold them back from health, success, happiness, etc. They don’t realize or believe that something as simple as changing their mindset can completely change their life.

However, I can tell you that in my own life, once I made the commitment to change my mindset and break through those limiting beliefs and thought-patterns, everything changed:

  • My income rose, higher than I imagined possible.
  • I developed relationships with more people who were successful and positive.
  • I found myself feeling truly grateful for every aspect of my life (which, if you have a negative mindset, this is something you usually complain about).

We carry so many false beliefs that hold us back, beliefs that often begin as little thoughts. Those thoughts soon shape our mindset, and, before we know it, we’re living that out every day. The great news is, as much as this can put us in a place we don’t like, it can change our lives for the better.

One easy way to start changing your mindset is through meditation. Meditation helps you find clarity and focus. It also helps you clear your mind of negative thought patterns and visualize new possibilities.

You might have some preconceived notions when it comes to meditation – I know I did. But no, it’s not just for zen yoga masters who sit in a special room in silence for hours each day.

Anyone can meditate. You just need a comfortable place to sit and if you need extra help, an app on your smartphone to walk you through it.

Here’s how you can use meditation to change your mindset:

Get the Welzen app

This wonderful app was developed by some new friends of mine that live in our building. It is truly an amazing app! Before, meditation seemed hard and time-consuming. This free app helps you do it in minutes each day and you will love how you feel afterward.

Schedule time in your day to make it happen

I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to schedule personal development and this is no exception. If you’re using the Welzen app, it will only take five minutes (if you opt to upgrade there are longer meditations you can do). That’s nothing! Pick a five minute block and put it on your calendar.

Commit to the practice for 30 days

It’s easy to try something once or twice then quit and say it didn’t work. If you want results, you need to commit to the process. This is true in so many areas of life and this is no different.

Make note of your thoughts before you start and when you finish

You can’t track what you don’t measure, so be sure to record your thoughts before and after 30 days to see the changes. This is as easy sitting with a journal for a few minutes and just recording the thoughts that go through your mind.

Do you meditate? What results have you seen?